Teach English and travel the world:
Recognised course, full-time and part-time options

About learning English at Swan

The course coordinator on our CELT Course is internationally renowned and put together the syllabus with our Director of Studies with the latest and most useful teaching methods in mind. Building on the traditional and looking at how technology has changed the face of teaching, as well as introducing you to a range of teaching contexts, the course will prepare you for your role as an English language teacher wherever you decide to teach. The CELT course is a 120+ hour course which takes you through all of the TEFL basics. The CELT course will teach you everything you need to know about grammar, teaching methods and the English language, so that you can start teaching TEFL with confidence.  You don’t need any background knowledge in grammar or teaching! We get to know you as participants and build the course on what you know already. You have time built in to the course for teaching practice prep and for peer collaboration.

Times and Location

  • Full-time Monday – Friday / 9am – 5pm for 4 weeks / Grafton Street
  • Part-time Tuesday & Thursday Evening  6pm – 9pm / Saturday 9am – 5pm for 10 weeks

Application Process

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Why Swan?

  • Dedicated CELT Course Coordinator
  • Full-time and part-time options available
  • Internationally recognised course
  • Modern and relevant syllabus
  • A blend of traditional and tech approaches
  • ACELS accredited course

Check out our Teacher Training site : TEACHTEFL for more information and for SPECIAL OFFERS

Course Comparison Table

CELT CELTA Trinity Cert TESOL i-to-i Others
Can I teach in Ireland? Yes Yes Yes (IF you have a level 7 degree) No Contact ACELS for standardisation
Can I teach abroad? Yes Yes Yes Depends on the country/school Depends on the country/school
Accredited by: Irish Department
of Education/ACELS
Cambridge ESOL Trinity and The British Council NA NA
Number of hours in total 120+ 120+ 130+ Depends on course option taken Depends on course option taken
Number of hours of teaching
6 6 6 Varies from 0 hours to 4/5
hours depending on course
Varies from 0 hours to 4/5
hours depending on course
Average cost €1000 – €1500 €1600-€1800 €1200 Varies Varies
Part time courses available? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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