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Specialist IELTS course to focus on the skills
you need to develop most.

About learning English at Swan

The teacher on your  IELTS Production Skills Course is dedicated to the parts of the exam you need the most help with: Speaking and Writing. We do things differently in our classrooms, using a blend of the latest technology with traditional language learning methods, and we base our lessons on you and your IELTS goals. Each week, you practise focused speaking and writing skills in a warm and friendly environment. The lessons start with clear weekly goals, and include a weekly one-to-one session with your teacher to work on your own individual learning plan. You will have regular progress assessments and feedback, guided by your SELT learning portfolio.

Times and Location

Monday & Wednesday / 2pm – 5pm / Grafton Street

Why Swan?

  • Dedicated IELTS department coordinator
  • Focus on IELTS Production Skills (Speaking and Writing) to support your morning course
  • Blend of technology and traditional learning
  • Individual learning plan and learner portfolio
  • Regular one-to-one sessions with your teacher
  • Blend of new technology and traditional learning techniques
  • Student drop in sessions scheduled outside of class time
  • Online placement test available before you arrive – on your iphone or android device
  • Small class size – average 10 -12
  • Library and free wi-fi
  • Carefully planned social programme to help you practise your English outside of the school

Level                                                What does it mean?

IELTS Production Skills 1           For students who have taken the IELTS exam many times

IELTS Production Skills 2          For students who are making steady progress with the exam

IELTS Production Skills 3          For students who are new to the IELTS exam

Are you ready to improve your written and spoken English?