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Swan ELT is proud to be a member of EAQUALS

All  Eaquals members share the mission to foster and deliver excellence in language education and are committed to serving the needs of language learners across the world.We work together with other members to share expertise and to further innovation and development in our field. Member institutions operate in over 30 countries worldwide and Eaquals-accredited centres teach more than 25 different languages.


Eaquals Accredited Members have achieved high international standards and are committed to continuous improvement. Accreditation is only awarded after a comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance process, including an on-site inspection, repeated every four years.

Only institutions that fully comply with the demanding Eaquals Quality Standards can be accredited and display the  logo.

In our latest inspection in May 2022, the EAQUALS inspectors found that Swan ELT had five areas of excellence  :

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is an area of excellence because an exceptional level of commitment to improving quality and provide excellence across all services is apparent among all staff. Biannual formal class observations in connection with regular buzz and peer observations provide a good means of monitoring teaching quality, identifying areas for development and sharing good practice. There is a very proactive and attentive approach to feedback from students and clients with systems ensuring that any potential issues are diagnosed at an early stage.

Course Design and Supporting Systems
Course Design and Supporting Systems are excellent because the educational philosophy, pedagogic approach, and syllabus documentation are exceptionally coherent and well prepared in the Documented Curriculum Framework. The progammes and schemes of work combine coherence with flexibility to encourage teachers’ creativity and initiative. The development of learner autonomy is included in course programmes. All teacher support materials including the online teacher support page with supplementary academic documentation are exceptionally comprehensive.

Assessment and Certification
Assessment and Certification is an area of excellence because:
• there are complete and coherent systems of assessment which are well integrated with the pedagogic approach and the syllabus structure
• via the unit and skills tests together with the speaking test and tutorial, assessment is used systematically to diagnose students’ needs and provide clear information to students on their level, strengths and weaknesses and potential progress
• all four language skills are regularly tested
• teachers are provided with clear guidelines on how to conduct/administer. assessments.

Student Services
Student Services are excellent because there is a clear ethos of customer-oriented service and support, and all staff demonstrate an extreme care and concern for the welfare of the students. There is an outstandingly good range of leisure events, designed to promote a social life and stimulate interest in and enjoyment of the local area and to provide the culturally immersive courses they promote. Where appropriate, classroom activities link with or complement the Social Programme.

Staff Profile and Development
Staff Profile and Development is an area of excellence because the following different types of observations are effectively used to foster the professional development of teachers:
• individual developmental observation by academic managers
• peer observations to share best practice
• buzz observations to identify common issues to work on.

Eaquals Charters set out the promises and guarantees which members of Eaquals make to their stakeholders and state the values which underpin our quality assessment system.

The Eaquals Quality Standards, against which institutions are evaluated, are derived from these Charters.

Eaquals General Charter

Eaquals Charters for Course Participants

Eaquals Staff Charter

Eaquals Information Charter