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Dear students,

Hope you are all keeping well.

We would like to draw your attention to the recent announcements and guidelines issued by Department of Justice regarding English language students.

  1. First time students registration for permission letter: this can be done now by email to GNIB with all supporting documents. Please note this is for you to get a permission letter only — you will still need to go to GNIB to have your passport stamped and GNIB card issued when GNIB reopens later.  If you need our school letter for this please email
  2. For renewal students whose visa already expired or will expire shortly, you must re-enrol on a course as soon as possible: you cannot wait until 20/07/2020 to start the course.GNIB made it clear (see below Q25 ) that students should start the course as soon as the previous course is completed. If you would like to renew with us, then please email for renewal price and information.
  3. For students who left Ireland but have some remaining course time  left, your absence will not be calculated towards the maximum 2 years. GNIB will treat your visa favourably when you return to Ireland. For example, if you completed 2 months of your 6 month course in April and you return to Ireland in September, your final 4 months will commence when you return in September. Please note that GNIB will require you to prove that you left Ireland on a certain date and returned on another date.
  4. For students who have completed 2 years English study, you will be given permission to stay until 31/12/2020 and, in the same ways as renewal students, you must re-enrol and start an online course asap.

You can find below official weblink of INIS and detailed information.

Should you have any questions or need further information please feel free to contact us at


Take care and stay safe!

Swan Training Institute

In light of the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties some people can encounter due to not having an IRP card, as a temporary measure between now and 20th July 2020, anyone in the State awaiting their first registration, and who has a current, valid permission to remain, but does not have a current permission letter can apply to the Registration Office to request a letter confirming their permission to remain in the State and the conditions attached.

Further temporary measures to assist international language students – Eligible students will be allowed additional time in Ireland due to disruptions caused by COVID-19

26 May 2020

This notice applies to international language students studying English in Ireland who have been impacted upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new temporary measures are as follows:

  • Students who left the State before completion of their studies due to COVID-19 may return and resume their studies and the duration of their absence will not count towards the 2 years maximum period of English language study allowed
  • Language students with a current and valid permission who are still in the State and who have completed the maximum 2 years permitted as a language student, but due to COVID-19 are unable to return home, may remain as students until the end of the year provided they re-enrol in an online course of study for the remainder of the year

The requirement to register remains for those students who have completed their maximum two years and wish to take up the option of re-enrolling in an online course of study until the end of the year. These students must re-register once the Registration Offices reopen.

Q 25. My permission was automatically renewed by two months; am I required to re-enroll in a new course, and if so, can I wait until the end of the two months before doing so?

  1. The renewal of permission is on the same basis as the existing permission and the same conditions attach. For students, this means you will be able to continue to work if you so wish but you must also re-enroll in a course of study. This must be done as soon as the previous course is completed and failure to do so will be considered a breach of the permission which may result in your future registration being refused.


Q 26. My current course/ new course has moved to online study due to COVID-19. I didn’t move to Ireland to do online study; can I pause my course until physical classes return or resume?

  1. No. While it is appreciated that students have travelled to Ireland to avail of in-person classes, unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this is not possible at this time. Anyone resident in Ireland with a student permission is required to attend scheduled classes and, in the current circumstances, this includes where classes are provided online.


Q 28. I was previously studying English but left Ireland due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will my absence duration count towards the maximum of two years of English study permitted?

  1. If you can prove that you were outside the State due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then the duration of your absence will not count towards the maximum two years. When you return to Ireland, you should arrange to resume your studies with your school and contact the Registration Office to reissue your updated IRP card.


Q 29. I have completed my two years English language study but due to the COVID-19 pandemic I am unable to leave Ireland at this time; Can I stay until travel restrictions are lifted?

  1. As an exceptional measure, a student with a current valid permission may remain in the State as a student until the end of the current year. You must however re-enroll with an online course of study for the remainder of the year (up to 31stDecember 2020) and register as soon as the Registration Offices reopen.